With our trademark expertise we can help guide you through the trademark and copyright process. We make it easy to schedule time with our attorneys and discuss what you are looking to protect and the best route for you to take. Our trademark the copyright suite of services includes the full array of services that you need to create, register, maintain, license, and benefit from your trademark portfolio.

Specifically, we assist clients both domestically and internationally in:

  • Selecting what to seek trademark protection for
  • Researching the proposed marks to ensure that your proposed trademark is not confusingly similar to another mark
  • Securing registration of your marks with the appropriate agency
  • Trademark Portfolio Counseling and strategy
  • Helping with monitoring of your marks and assisting with defending your IP rights
  • General brand-protection advice
  • Our trademark attorneys can anticipate pitfalls and help you avoid them. Your trademarks are among your most valuable assets, let us help you protect them.
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This is by far the best valued legal service available! Responsive, wide purview, flexible and 1/10th the cost of other retainer fees!

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