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If you’re in a fight with a current or former business partner, our team of top attorneys have the experience needed to resolve the dispute in your favor.
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We Specialize in Resolving Partnership Disputes.

You’ve spent years building a profitable business, but now a conflict with a current or former partner is jeopardizing your success.
At L&F Brown, we understand your unique needs. We’re not just attorneys – we’re business owners as well. We pride ourselves on providing creative yet cost-effective solutions, and we’re driven to deliver the most favorable results for you.


Helping Resolve All Kinds of Partnership Disputes

  • Wrongful Removal or Freeze-Out

    Wrongful Removal or Freeze-Out

    Whether the business is structured as an LLC, corporation or partnership, we protect partners and minority owners who were wrongfully ousted without their consent.

  • Fraud and Misappropriation

    Fraud and Misappropriation

    If a partner is stealing or misappropriating company funds, we can help you take aggressive legal action to quickly recover the money and remove the partner for cause.

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty

    Breach of Fiduciary Duty

    Partners owe fiduciary duties to the company, and they can’t engage in self-dealing, hide conflicts of interest, or compete against the company without violating these duties.

  • Breach of Partnership/Operating Agreement

    Breach of Partnership/Operating Agreement

    If a partner has engaged in behavior that violates the Partnership Agreement (or the Operating Agreement for LLCs), our attorneys can help set things straight and give you options for pursuing the best remedies.


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Darlene Hernandez, Esq.
Darlene Hernandez, Esq.

Darlene is an experienced litigator who is fiercely devoted to her clients. She comes from a culture of innovation, and her practice encompasses modern business that are breaking new ground. In 25 years of practice, she represented numerous finance and real estate companies, giving her a financial understanding other lawyer don’t have.

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